You’re my

You’re my heart, baby because you make me feel alive. You’re my light, baby because you make my life so bright. You’re my breath, baby because without you I can’t seem to breathe. You’re my happiness, baby because you fill me with joy. You’re my eyes, baby because with you I see everything better. You’re my mouth, baby because you make everything taste sweeter. You’re my everything, baby because without you I am nothing. You mean the world to me, I just want you to know this beautiful baby.



Life! Nobody said that it would be something easy.

Life is something given to us upon conception, nothing says that it’s guaranteed or how long that it will last.

Life! There is nothing that says we wont make mistakes, period.

Life is something that we live and learn through. Sadly we have to struggle through many obstacles, especially when we make mistakes. There are some mistakes that ends up taking another persons life. That’s called an accident. Yes, it’s very sad and horrifying to all of those involved, but it’s still just an accident. There shouldn’t be any reason to lock someone up over such happenings. Because it is an accident, not something that was planned to happen. For the one who ended up taking another life, they are already punishing themselves and hurting bad enough. So why add to that?!

Life tries very hard at times to rip everything good inside of us apart, so much that some people become bitter and dark. Because that is what so many others project on them.

Life! We must learn to find the positive in any situation, so that we can learn from them. Nothing in life is easy, and nothing in life is guaranteed. So why make it any harder on yourself or others?!

Life, it is completely filled with mistakes as we are made to have accidents, so that we have a base to learn and grow from. That’s just how life goes. Project positivity not negativity.


Guns are not the problem!

Guns or No guns isn’t the issue, the issue is that there are bad people in the world who want to hurt and or kill others. You can tighten gun laws all you want it will never stop these types of people from harming others. You are stupid and foolish if you think otherwise! Need a history check on how the most known serial killers did their killing?! SERIOUSLY!!! This is getting old and tiring for everyone, to keep going on about how we need to have tighter gun laws, etc. Like the criminal are going to get their guns from the store.

In my heart

This goes out to all of you who may or may not know who you are. In my heart you have always been and until my death that is where you will always be. I’m writing this so one day you will see that you all mean (meant) the world to me. You may have been taken from me, but I will always be your daddy and I want you to know that in my heart is where you are and that I love you more than the air I breathe, never will it go away. I can’t wait until I see you and hold you in my arms again, that will be a great and wonderful day.

To the one who stole my heart, I have this to say. You are the only one who made me feel alive and that made me feel like I could just be me. You will always remain in my heart even though we are a part. I just want you to know that I truly loved you no matter what. I know that I should have shown and said it more, for that I am sorry. I miss our family. This is for all of my family. You have all meant the world to me.

I know that I’m not great at showing and saying it, but I truly do love and respect you, and you will always be in my heart. This goes out to the one that I met on imvu, you know who you are (Brandy). When my life was looking dim and I was losing hope you entered into my life, even though we have only talked online or by text, you have never put me down or made me feel unwanted or unworthy of your time. For that I will always respect you.

With all of that said you will always be my best friend cause you were the one who was there to help me when I so badly needed it most. I love you for being you and for being the friend that I truly needed I thank you for all of you help in keeping me sane, in my heart you will always remain.

Thank you to everyone who was always there for me. I love you all very, very much.

I am so lucky to have had you as a part of my life.

Freedom of Expression


Writing is a very good way to relieve stress, and it can also be fun and very relaxing. More people should spend more time writing about how they feel about what’s going on with them, maybe than there wouldn’t be so much violence in the world.

But than again we have to watch what we say, or at least how we say it. Because it seems that our God giving rights to Freedom in general is slipping away from us. Since when is it right for one to have control over what we say or do?

If you’re not harassing or threatening someone than we should be free to express one’s self, shouldn’t we? This is supposed to be THE LAND OF THE FREE! So why are our FREEDOMS being slowly taken from us? Isn’t that called DICTATORSHIP? That’s what I was taught in school and in life.

What is happening to our Great Country and Planet? Is this away to repay our vets whom fought and DIED for our FREEDOMS? You might as well be spitting on them and their graves, because that’s basically what you are doing by not fighting for what they did. Talk about DISRESPECTING our elders and COUNTRY and OURSELVES! Are we not Americans and Patriotic anymore? Now days we have to watch what we do and say or else we’re called “TERRORISTS” how is that when we’re just standing up for our RIGHTS??? And fighting to have our great country back on the right track??

I thought that was called PATRIOTIC, being AMERICAN!, and a true COUNTRYMAN. Since when did the rules change? SLAVERY and DICTATORSHIP is WRONG isn’t it? Also since when is it wrong to have faith in GOD? Why has God been taking out of schools and everything else?

Isn’t that against the Freedom of religion? Everyone should be able to express their own beliefs shouldn’t they? There is so much that people can do if others would stop dictating how they should lead their lives. Making laws for every stupid bull shit thing in the world to make us out to be criminals over nothing that’s wrong. We were born to be free and are meant for doing great things while on this Earth, nowhere did anything say that one group of people are to control everyone else! What happened to the Government working for the people? It’s not supposed to be the other way around!!!

And when is it wrong to talk about what’s fact and really going on in the world huh? I would like to know the answers to these and I’m sure a lot of other people in this Beautiful Country and on this Wonderful Planet would like to know as well.